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When I graduate I plan on moving to Atlanta and doing freelance PR work for different small businesses and tattoo parlors. I was searching through some articles and came across this Q&A website. It had the question on what to charge and some answers that people were thinking were the best. This was really interesting to me because I have been wondering what I was going to charge people that hired me. Anyway, hope this can help others too.

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Just a little news on PR

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I found this article about the Public Relations industry that I wanted to share with everyone. I thought that it was pretty interesting. I didn’t realize how big the industry was and how important it was to different companies. Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

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Public What?

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Every time I tell people that I am a Public Relations, I always seem to get a weird response. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t really look like a PR professional, or maybe they just don’t understand what Public Relations is. I know that I have been told it’s just another useless degree, which doesn’t make sense to me because you learn pretty much every kind of communication technique that all companies love.

Anyway I found this website, where they kind of explain what Public Relations is and all that good stuff, just in case anyone was confused.

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Just wanted to share

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I know most of the people that read this will fellow PR majors or professionals, and I was just sitting here thinking about everything I’ve learned in my years studying. I know most of my blogs this semester has stayed on the topic or give reminders that I am graduating so soon..(Less than 3 weeks if anyone wants to know) so I decided to go and just type public relations into  Google and see what comes up. The first link was to Wikipedia so I just wanted to share what they believe Public Relations is.

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My Love/Hate Relationship

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I just have to say that I love social medias. It is the best way ever to stay intouch with people and meet new people. When dealing with Public Relations, the use of Social Medias will soon be the main way people hear about news and companies, in my opinion.

I know that I have heard a lot of things about keeping your image up so that you don’t look bad for everyone to see, which I completely agree with. I feel that sometimes it is hard to be yourself and keep the business image up as well, but for people who plan on representing others, it is very important to look responsible and intelligent.

From the companies I’ve worked with and talked to, if you mention how well you know the internet medias and how to work with them, then it is a big plus in their eyes.

However, They are so easy at distracting you when you are trying to do your work! 🙂

Get connected

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I just wanted to share this with all of my PR people. It’s a website where you can get a ton of PR news. It’s a good way to stay involved and up to date in the indusry. And its FREE! which is always important to my classmates and me. It’s always important to know what is going on in the industry that you want to work in, and this will really help.

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My feelings are hurt

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So I’m looking around the internet for what’s going on in the PR world and what news I can find. While searching through interesting articles, I stumbled across this website. I can’t tell if my feelings are hurt, or if it’s an awesome idea that I’m mad I didn’t think of. It’s apparently a website thathelps you get into the PR world and get your world out. Maybe I’ll just have to sart using it.

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