Tow Week Twelve

Among the new design features being featured on websites are Widgets and Badges. A Widget is a tool or symbol which when clicked activates an application. A Badge is a website symbol that’s not clickable, but is featured for logos and decoration. The difference between them is one of purpose and of appearance. The purpose of a widget is to attract attention and allow website users easy access to an application. By designing a widget that looks interesting and purposeful, users are likely to become aware of and make use of the application. The purpose of a badge, however, is to provide a point of interest on a webpage, and ensure that attention is drawn by this to that site. As such, the most important attributes of a badge are whether it is attractive and compellingly interactive.  A good widget will increase use of a particular application from many websites, while a good badge will gather attention to a particular website or corresponding organization.

One of the organizations I wish to participate in is known as Club Mud, and is the ceramic arts organization here at Georgia Southern. For Club Mud, the natural design feature to use is a badge, as there are no available application presently offered by the group. For Club Mud, a badge would allow artistic embellishment to a website, and if its interactivity were made to in some way resemble the forming of different pottery shapes it could attract attention to the club’s website. If the club invested in the creation of a web application, perhaps some small interactive program allowing artificial ceramic forming, a widget could afford it some popularity. However, barring the creation of this application, the natural and wise choice of Club Mud would be to use a Badge to attract attention to a Club Mud website.


~ by matidmore on 04/21/2010.

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