Tow Week Thirteen

Videos go viral when some aspect of them appeals strongly to a mass audience. This can be due to the video’s being humorous, compelling, or informative. “David after Dentist” became a viral video because of its naturally funny content.  For each of the videos which have acheived “viral” status, some attribute or set of attributes exist which appeal to a group of people. The extent of that appeal, the extent to which a video has gone “viral”, depends on the intensity and breadth of that appeal. Some viral videos are immensely popular within a smaller community, while other videos are but temporary distractions for much larger groups. The truly viral videos, however,  are very popular with many groups of people. These videos, like “David after Dentist”, have content which allows a vast audience to watch, and to be entertained.

Viral videos are the result of mass access to internet media. This access allows content with only moderate importance to be circulated rapidly, by what amounts to electronic word of mouth. For viral videos, the appeal is often so great that other forms of communication, including literal word of mouth, is used by people to encourage friends to watch. Among other such videos, two prominent ones are:


These videos, Charlie the Unicorn and Information Overload, became well known because of both their own properties and the properties of modern internet access. Firstly, both videos had content which endeared them to a large audience. Charlie the Unicorn was watched for purposes of humor, and while less widely known than some other virals it was hugely influential within its demographic. Information Overload, with its array of facts, appealed to perhaps a much smaller audience but was widely viewed and well known by those with some interest in it.


~ by matidmore on 04/21/2010.

3 Responses to “Tow Week Thirteen”

  1. I love did you know videos. They’re so interesting and full of information that i did not know. We watched a did you know video in my research class and coming to find out, a lot of the facts in that video were not accurate. Professor Nixon showed us that video just to illustrate the importance of checking and re-checking your facts just to make sure they are correct.

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  3. Meg,
    I had forgotten about this video until I saw it posted on your blog. Information Overload… this shocked me the day I saw it. I remember I was sitting in a international studies lecture and our professor had told us he found something very interesting that he thought we should all be exposed to. I think the expression of my face was priceless after watching these statistics. My mouth completely dropped. Our generation so far, has experienced a ton of growth in technology and the way things are run, with social media. To believe that facebook has such a large fanbase and community, blows my mind. The video can be shocking and scary, but at the same time motivational. I’m glad you posted this, it had been a while since I first saw it.
    -Kati Ann

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