PR Open Mic

This week we are discussing Pr Openmic, which is a Social Media Network for Public Relations practitioners. This webside is really beneficial to people in the industry as well as people trying to get into it or fresh out of college. It is a way for them to meet other practitioners and expand their social business circle. In public relations, the more people you are connected to the better.  We are always told in our Public Relations classes to meet other people already in the field to get a feel for what we will be doing when we graduate. We even have assignments in classes that make us create these connections, so that we can continue to learn and gain experience and knowledge. PR OpenMic is a way for us to make these connections, and gather help from people who have the experience.

When you first enter your homepage of the site, it has recent news articles and information about what is going on in the field. There are ways to connect to other people and make “friends,” or even see videos or podcasts that people have posted. While looking around the site I found a connection to a website dedicated to blogs pertaining to Public Relations. I thought this was a really good idea because it just gives you a way to further connect with people in the indusrty.  I also found this area which is centered around trying to help students in the major that may have questiong, the section is called Ask Phil. He will answer questions, post pictures, as well as make videos to help out.  Since I am sticking to the aspect of appealing to students and almost graduates, there is a section dedicated to finding jobs and internships. This is really important and helpful to the graduates because of how hard it is to find a job now.

Hope this gives a little insight. Until next time. PEACE


~ by matidmore on 04/21/2010.

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