Tow Week Seven

The foursquare thing that we keep seeing on our Twitterstreams is an application people use to identify places. The Foursquare app is downloadable onto phones with internet connections, but can also be accessed using text messages on cell phones within the United States. Foursquare lets people see where their Facebook or Twitter friends are and what where they are visiting in their area. The Foursquare app gives you the ability to earn badges or special offers at different stores and places around your area. The app is able to know where you are by a GPS locator, it also gives you information about places you may never have been before. Or maybe you go to the same place more than anyone else, you can become the “mayor” of that place and get incentives for having great customer loyalty.

Companies can benefit because they are able to see who is going to their stores and what people are thinking about it. They are also able to see who and why people have loyalty to them. The problem that can arise from using these types of websites is that people can always see what you are doing and where you visit. Also is you write something bad about it, it can come back to harm you if your employer doesn’t agree with what you say and how you do it.

I feel that it is a pretty interesting concept to be able to find out information about different places in their area, especially if  you are new to the area, you are about to learn about what all your area has to offer and be able to get more in touch with your city. Being in the PR field, it is important to know different companies in the area because you never know who you are going to need to bein contact with and what companies can help you.


~ by matidmore on 04/20/2010.

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