Tow Week Five

When I read Search Engine Visibility: An Edelman Digital Position Paper, I learned a lot about the use that companies make of search engines in their marketing strategies. The article discussed how the two new and emerging search engine strategies; termed reputational searches and social searches. Both strategies use public relations skills and strategies, unlike the two more common strategies that used to dominate. The reputational search strategy works by ensuring that the words used in traditional pr methods pay attention to how their message would register in keywords online. Social search strategies attempt to create “embassies” or a web presence for a company on social networking sites. Both strategies try to make sure that a website shows up more prominently for keyword based searches. 

 I was surprised to learn that normal public relations strategies can be used so effectively to make a more prominent search engine presence.  The other two important search engine visibility strategies were more marketing minded. I was surprised that the internet provided a social environment rich enough to support public relations strategies. Perhaps other strategies will become useful as internet access and use continues to increase? 

I would like to know more about how search engines work, and more about how that can be used to get attention. I dont really understand exactly how searches prioritize potential search hits, and I think that could be really useful to understand so that we could consider other possible strategies. I think the social search strategy is a really good idea, and I would like to learn about how to decide what to put on a social network page to cause more attention and resposes.   



~ by matidmore on 04/20/2010.

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