When I graduate I plan on moving to Atlanta and doing freelance PR work for different small businesses and tattoo parlors. I was searching through some articles and came across this Q&A website. It had the question on what to charge and some answers that people were thinking were the best. This was really interesting to me because I have been wondering what I was going to charge people that hired me. Anyway, hope this can help others too.

Check it out


~ by matidmore on 04/20/2010.

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  1. Hey Meg- I think it’s really cool that you want to get into freelance. I know we had talked about before that we both aren’t too interested in corporate PR, but I didn’t think about doing some freelance work. I think you would be really good at that and it would be fun! Once you get into the area and meet people it should be easier to gain some creditability and build up that portfolio! Maybe you can get free tattoos too!! Good luck with everything J

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  3. Wow, I have never heard anyone be so daring with their PR degree. It may be super hard at the beginning but very rewarding when you get on your feet. What made you decide on going this route? Doing PR for Tattoo parlors would be very entertaining. What made you want to do PR for tattoo parlors? To be honest I have never thought of going out on my own but it was very interesting to check out the pricing of it all. I could see myself establishing myself in the PR world first and then possibly start freelancing after I have gained some contacts and such. I hope it all works out and Good Luck!

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