My Love/Hate Relationship

I just have to say that I love social medias. It is the best way ever to stay intouch with people and meet new people. When dealing with Public Relations, the use of Social Medias will soon be the main way people hear about news and companies, in my opinion.

I know that I have heard a lot of things about keeping your image up so that you don’t look bad for everyone to see, which I completely agree with. I feel that sometimes it is hard to be yourself and keep the business image up as well, but for people who plan on representing others, it is very important to look responsible and intelligent.

From the companies I’ve worked with and talked to, if you mention how well you know the internet medias and how to work with them, then it is a big plus in their eyes.

However, They are so easy at distracting you when you are trying to do your work! 🙂


~ by matidmore on 04/19/2010.

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