Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

One of the biggest stories that has been happening this year is the Tiger Woods scandal. We have all been watching along to see what is going to happen to him and his carreer. Most of the media outlets no matter what type of news they usually share, have been following what is going on. I found this article about him at the masters and thought I would share.



~ by matidmore on 04/18/2010.

One Response to “Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all”

  1. I have been following the Tiger Woods case,somewhat through ESPN and talk shows. The whole thing still bothers me. I heard he was greeted by applause and cheers. COME ON! Yea he might be a great golfer, but he has no morals and humiliated himself and his family and these people want to applaud him? That is just a little ridiculous on my part. I was also surprised to hear that one of the mistresses said she was going to be at the Master’s. I didn’t hear if she actually showed up or not, but if I were her, I would be afraid that I would get things thrown at me, and things yelled at me.
    I just hope that celebrities one day begin to realize that whether they asked for it or not, they are role models. Children and even young adults look up to them and if they see their favorite sports star getting away with this kind of behavior, they will think they can get away with it too. It is time these athletes take responsibility for their actions!

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