Another Look into the Life of Meg

So, I have a little over 3 weeks left of school…FOREVER!! My mom told me when she graduated she played Alice Cooper’s “Schools out for Summer” over and over again, I think I might do the same. I really enjoyed my time at Georgia Southern though, I have to admit. And I definitely learned a lot. I had teachers I loved, some I hated, some I don’t even remember; I even had the professors they tell you about that don’t speak English very well. I learned to actually go to class, and open my books to learn, pretty much, I learned to turn my entire life around.

So the big day is May 8th (write it down, send me a gift, show support šŸ™‚ ) and I am SO excited. My freshman adviser said I could never make it, well showed her wrong. I can’t wait for the day, well kind of. As exciting as it is going to be, I will be so stressed out that day, because of one key part, the after party. Yes, you would think that would be the best part, except one side of the family, doesn’t exactly accept Meg Tidmore. I know weird right? I’m awesome! They think women should be quiet or in the kitchen or something, and DEFINITELY conservative. Sadly I am none of those things, well sadly for them. They don’t really know the real me, or all of it. I’ve been kicked out of the family for dating black guys, they don’t know about any of my tattoos or piercings or I would be cut off from them. They don’t like my choice of friends, I like all circles; black, white, purple, green, gay, straight, other, short, tall, fat, thin, athletic, normal, you name it I got it, my life is practically a Dr. Seuss book, as my mom likes to say. Anyway, the party, will mix these two worlds together, so hence why its going to be crazy.

I have regrets about what I’ve done here to. I wish I would have gone out more to get the “college experience.” I also wonder what it would have been like not being in a relationship practically the whole time,( not a regret just wondering.) But all in all I don’t think I would have done it any other way.

So now what is in my future, I’ve been getting asked that a lot lately, well it’s a good question. When I originally came to college I wanted to be on the radio, then I decided that Public Relations would be perfect for me, until I got into my classes, I feel I stand out a little bit, not hating on my totally awesome classmates, but you all were thinking the same thing. I definitely don’t want to go corporate, kind of want to do party planning but not really. Until recently I was thinking I would just graduate and get a masseuse degree, however one day as I was talking to my friends it hit me, TATTOO PARLORS. I know that seems silly, but they need to get the word up for their company, and usually it’s just word of mouth, but if the had a creative out there PR person, think of the possibilities, well that’s how I see it anyway. I want to work for small companies, bakeries and what not. The companies that don’t really think about it, kind of free lance I guess.

Anyway, I thought it was a good idea, and there is a little support out there for me, mainly my mom, who knows about most of my tattoos, my best friends like it, even my conservative quiet Curtis (the boyfriend of college) thinks it’s mostly a good idea, but of course the person I’ve never got support from on anything in my life, except for basketball in a weird way, my dad, thinks its a terrible idea. Recent conversations include things like “your gonna be homeless”, or “stop trying to be different and grow out of this phase” (clearly its a phase….) or “do you really need those programs cause you are going to have to give up on what you want and do something you don’t.” Hmm… Thanks???

But thats ok, my favorite thing to do in my life is prove him wrong. I’ve done it a lot, pretty much my entire life. And no this idea might not work, but it just might turn out awesome.. Who knows

My first year


My last year


~ by matidmore on 04/14/2010.

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