Nothing to Wear?!?!?!

There are many different jobs out there, even though at this particular time picks are slim. There is however one way of helping your clances at getting a job, and that is what you wear when you finally score your interview. had an article called “dressing for Success” which discussed what is the correct attire for an interview. They suggest that it doesn’t matter what kind of organization or job you are going for, you should always try to dress conservatively and professionally. The article went through different accounts that interviewers experiences with dress and what was wrong, they then suggested what would be correct:

Women’s Interview Attire

  • Solid color, conservative suit
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Moderate shoes
  • Limited jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • Tan or light hosiery
  • Sparse make-up & perfume
  • Manicured nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

Men’s Interview Attire

  • Solid color, conservative suit
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Conservative tie
  • Dark socks, professional shoes
  • Very limited jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • Go easy on the aftershave
  • Neatly trimmed nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

On they had an article up  discussing the 20 worst things to wear to an interview. This is good for all of the people that have heard the generals of what to wear but don’t know what falls into professional or not. Also this explains somethings that you might not think about. Their ideas were:

1. Carrying a backpack or fannypack instead of a briefcase or portfolio: Some image consultants suggest women ditch their purse, too!

2. Sunglasses on top of your head or headphones around your neck: Be sure to remove all your “transit gear” and tuck it in your briefcase before entering the lobby.

3. Too-short skirts: Forget what some of those gals on ‘The Apprentice’ are wearing. Your skirt should cover your thighs when you are seated.

4. The wrong tie: Ties should be made of silk, no less than three and a quarter inches wide with a conservative pattern. Image consultants say the best colors are red or burgundy.

5. Overly bright or large-patterned clothing: With the possible exception of creative fields like advertising or computer programming, it’s best to stick with navy, black or gray.

6. Heavy makeup on women (or any makeup on a man)

7. Earrings on men: In fact, men should avoid wearing any jewelry unless it is a wedding ring, class ring or metal watch.

8. More than one set of earrings on women

9. Facial piercings, tongue jewelry or visible tattoos

10. Ill-fitting clothes. Few people can wear things straight off the rack. Spending a little extra to have your garments tailored is a worthwhile investment.

11. Long fingernails, especially with bright or specialty polishes. Nails should look clean and be trimmed to a length that doesn’t leave an observer wondering how you keep from stabbing yourself.

12. Unnatural hair colors or styles. Remember, Donald Trump was a billionaire well before he began wearing a comb-over. If you’re balding, try a close-cropped cut like Bruce Willis or Matt Lauer.

13. Short-sleeved shirts, even worse when worn with a tie

14. Fishnets, patterned hosiery or bare legs (no matter how tan you are). Women should stick with neutral color hosiery that complements their suit.

15. Men whose socks don’t match their shoes, or whose socks are too short and leave a gap of flesh when they are seated

16. Rumpled or stained clothing: If interviewing late in the day, try to change to a fresh suit beforehand.

17. Scuffed or inappropriate footwear, including sneakers, stilettos, open-toed shoes and sandals

18. Strong aftershaves, perfumes or colognes: Many people are allergic to certain scents. For a subtle fragrance, use a good quality bath soap.

19. Belts and shoes that don’t match: Shoes and belts should be made of leather or leather-like materials and the best colors for men are black or cordovan.

20. Telltale signs that your wearing a new suit. Remove all tags and extra buttons — and remember to cut off the zigzag thread that keeps pockets and slits closed!

Breakmedia put out this video explaining what to wear in an interview but still have your own style.

Hope all of this information helps you in your interviewing. Until next time PEACE!


~ by matidmore on 04/12/2010.

2 Responses to “Nothing to Wear?!?!?!”

  1. Meg, this post was so helpful to anyone looking to prepare for a job interview! They always say dress to impress because it really is that important. In many of the leadership roles I have had on campus I have had the opportunity to sit behind the table and be the one doing the interviews. I have to admit that the way you dress really effects how your interviewer judges you. Alot of the tips you gave were right on point when trying to dress to impress. I loved the hint about removing tags off new clothing items. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made that mistake!

  2. […] whole entire letter! Especially in a field where we are constantly writing!” 4. Comment on Nothing to Wear?!?!?!, written by Meg Tidmore:   April 2010- “Meg, this post was so helpful to anyone looking to […]

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