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1. “Maybe it Runs in the Family…” by Allmond, Allison, blog

“That is so cool that your cousin is in the same line of work you are trying to go into, and she clearly works for an awesome place and loves her job. I actually interviewed my brother for this, he just got into the PR world but he has really been enjoying it. It was interesting to here how he got into it considering he never really thought about it before. I never really thought writing would be as important to an event planner either, but I guess with all the communication you have to do it makes sense. Good Post!!”

2. Learn from my Mistake by Hall, Candice, blog

” OH NO!!! That is so terrible, I’ve have been caught doing the same thing though. Luckily you were able to find out the important tidbit now instead of when you were in your job. I think that a lot of professionals have this problem to though. I have emailed so many people asking questions and some respond so late that it doesn’t even matter. My roommate is planning her wedding and wanted a caterer they found near their location. She tried to get in contact with them in January, since there was no response she decided to go with someone else. Finally they company called back three months later, but the clearly missed out. At least you didn’t wait that long. Oh well, lesson learned. ”

3.Tiger and PR..What will it do?? by Parr, Lauren, blog

“This was a good post. I’m not a big fan of golf, but when this story hit about his scandal it seemed to go on forever, and I was really interested on what would happen and how it would all pan out. It seemed that every press conference he had was just making things worse for him, until he got to the latest ones where he looked so down and his apologies finally seemed sincere. I’m glad that the golfing community was willing to give him a second chance and welcome him back into it. Hopefully, we will start to see good things from him again.”

4. Texting and Driving by Lindsay, Brittney , blog

“I saw this video last year and thought it was so crazy. It’s so dramatized, but sadly this could really happen. I admit that I have texted and driven before, and its a terrible thing to do. i think it is important to get the word out about this problem and find a way to get people to stop doing it. i feel that most people don’t realize how important it is to concentrate while driving until they come close to a crash or even have one. This was a good post, thanks for addressing it!”

5. Full Frontal PR-trade Book Review by Watruba, Jeremy, blog

“I loved the pictures you used for your slides. You definitely did not do death by slide show that Prof. Nixon was talking about. When looking in the job market it seems like there is no place for PR and its scary to think about what will happen after college. But when you really think about it you can find PR everywhere, and people that don’t even know it are doing PR work everyday. Thanks for reviewing this book and putting this up, it makes me really want to read it as well!”

6. Tribes by Carter, Jeff, blog

“Good slide show. I read “Tribes” too in another class and really enjoyed it as well. It was so interesting to read how he laid out his ideas on power and taking leadership because it makes so much sense. It’s something you never really think about until it’s brought to your attention. The book kind of makes you want to go out and follow what you think because it makes you feel like you will succeed, or at least that’s how I felt. hehe. Anyway, good job!!”

7. How to dress for an interview by Henry, Jacqueline, blog

“These was a great post with really good tips.I feel like we see these same ideas over and over now that we are getting closer to graduation and “the real world.” When I go on interviews I always have the hardest time picking out the right outfit it seems. I feel it is important to dress conservatively but you don’t want to look like everyone else, have something stand out about you, in a good way. ”

8. Cover letter tips by Keith, John, blog

“These are really good tips. I know writing my resume package now is really important as i try to find a job. It is so important to have something grab the employers attention since they will be looking at so many different applications, especially now. it is also key to make yourself look as perfect for the job as you can so that the employer can see how big of an asset you could be for their company. Thanks for the post and the great tips!”

9. Hula and interning by McCloud, Shannon , blog

“This was such an interesting and fun post, i have the same feelings towards Georgia, half the time it’s awesome the other half I wish I was home in Florida. I feel that it is always important to make best in your situation so that you can enjoy it. it is also important to realize who you are talking to or it could get back to bit you. I was having a discussion the other day with a family friend that works for a bank loaning out cars to companies and she was telling me to always be cautious when talking to coworkers because you can never tell who you can trust and who you cant, but when you find the good ones they will be friends for life. ”

10.Week 8 T.O.W. by  Hankerson, Meshae, blog

“I think that podcast are a really good idea for companies to. I know a lot of people who listen to them regularly. Like you, I didn’t really get what all of the fuss was about or even what it really was for a while until I had to make one for class as well. I figured they were a type of radio broadcast, but looking deeper into it, it can be very helpful to your company on getting the word out about what is going on and upcoming news. Good Post!”

11. Top 10 tips for Blogging by Holding, Tiana, blog

“These were good tips you shared about doing blogs for classes. I know that I’ve had to do blogs for three different classes and have fallen behind and made some of the mistakes myself. I think it is important to have a peice of yourself in the blog and let it reflect you so that the reader has a better feel for who you are. I also believe it is important to know what you are talking about and add links so that you don’t post any wrong information or create a bad image for yourself. Good Post!”

12.Comm 2322 by  Liette, Mikelle, blog

“There is a lot of things you don’t really think about that go into Public Relations. I know that going in to the job force, I will be creating a positive image on the social media networks as well as just trying to get my name out to the different areas and companies I’m interested in. The different outlets and ways to get information out that I have learned throughout my time in college will help me in my life, and these ten things you have listed pretty much wraps it all up. Good Post!”

13. TOW 4 by Cook, Brittany post

“I like the responses you picked out to explain social media. The ones I picked were similar with the idea that Social Medias are used to connect to people and make relationships. I think all of the tweets that answered had the same idea, just in different words, did you pick up on that? I feel like we have to remember that social medias mix our personal life with our professional life and make sure not to have one mess with the other. I don’t think a lot of the responses mentioned that, maybe they just either just assumed or they didn’t think about it. ”

14.  How to Write a Press Release Hendrix, Kelsey, post

“I bet this is coming in handy for your Writing class. I took mine over the summer last year and it seemed like everyone was confused on how to style it and what all the write in it. It seems like all through college we are programed to write these long papers where we learn to “fluff” in order to hit the page limit. When getting into actual PR work we have to forget about all the fluff and just tell the information. If we make the press releases to long then there is a big chance they won’t be read. This template helps people figure out what to write and how to write it. ”

15. PR Connections” Social Media beneficial in job search  Mauney, Matt, post

“I’m graduating in May as well so I know how you are feeling when in the job search. I feel like most articles on job searching always say the same thing. Though I never thought that facebook or twitter would help in my search until now. I knew that companies are starting to look at our social media networks to see who their potential employees really are but I never thought about using them as something like an alternate resume or something like that. I did however make an different account so that i have a “professional” on and one just for friends on private.”

16. T.O.W. week Three: “Ethical” Social Media Monitoring  Simmons, Damara post

“That was a good idea bringing all the information from your classes in to help, it helps remind me on why we spend so much money on the books. haha. Anyway, I agree that social medias can be very helpful in getting information out there as well as figuring out what the public is thinking about your company and how it can be improved. I had a comment on my blog when I wrote about this which made a lot of sense, saying that it is up to the people in the media to do what is ethical, and the social media networks are just the tools information is shared on. It is all up to the users on what to put out there. ”

17.  Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Job Seekers,  Watruba, Jeremy, post

“The list of advantages you states my Jennifer McClure make a lot of sense. It is known that employers are starting to look at our social media networks to figure out more information on their employees, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It seems like Facebook is the main network that is being questioned on what to have up and how to deal with because it was originally for college students so that they can keep in touch with their high school friends and what not, but now that employers are getting on, it seems that the information and feel of the site has to change to a more professional look. Personally, I think that it should remain a social site, but I guess that’s what the privacy settings are for.”

18. T.O.W.: Week 2 Gxashe, Biso, post

“I feel the same way about blog comments. It always makes the blogger feel like they have been heard when they find that they have a comment, or at least that is how I feel when I get the email saying that I have a comment waiting to be read. It’s good to be able to get how you feel or believe out there and have people tell you they agree, or give you information to make you better or more informed. I had a comment left on my blog once that really helping in giving me information that I hadn’t thought of before and it shaped my opinion to be more solid. ”

19. Week 5- Super Bowl Ads Jordan, Olivia, post

“I can’t believe it cost so much to have a commercial during the Super Bowl either, and it was crazy to me that they had some in the middle of the game during a huddle. It is interesting to think that they pay for the half time ones when a lot of the people I know, as well as myself got up to do stuff during the half time so that they wouldn’t miss the game. I loved the E*Trade one to, it still makes me laugh every time I see it. I did think that some of the commercials didn’t really make sense though, and it was hard to tell what they were for until the end. ”

20. Week 5 TOW by Molina, Brian, blog

“I’ve heard both sides of the story. Personally I don’t see the point in Twitter, and in my research I’ve done on it it seems that it has reached it’s peak and that its popularity is dropping. When I had an assignment for class to create and monitor a twitter account, I still didn’t find a point. I have heard that it can help with connections and what not, but most of the people who I know use it, mainly try to track celebrates, which it what I heard it was made for anyway. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with it. Good post!”

21.And the teacher said… by Schroepfer, Stephanie , blog

“Secondary research has to be the worst part about writing papers and doing any type of projects. However once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier with each project. There are certain sites to stay away from, such as wikipedia, because anybody is able to change and write the information so there is a bigger chance that it can be false. I usually stick to the online encyclopedias such as EpscoHost or what ever the colleges have to offer because they are the most believable. Also make sure what you find has many sources because that will show you they were able to find a lot of information on it. ”

22. Being Creative and Paying the Bills by Zellner Harris, Tiffany, blog

“I know that I have the same fears that have come up especially in this last semester of college. At first I felt I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but with each day and class I realize it’s not as interesting to me as I previously thought. I am very interested in art, especially tattoos and forms of self expression. Because of this I know I won’t fit into the typical professional world. That is why I want to do a more freelance alternative type of PR work. I think it is very important to find what you wnat to do to make you happy instead of try to fit into what the world has already developed. ”

23. 3D You finally beat me by Goetsch, Rob, blog

“Do you remember the times of the old 3D where thing actually seems to come off the sceen, with the blue and red glasses. I feel like the new 3D just isn’t the same. I have seen a couple of movies in #D and haven’t really enjoyed then, and definitely don’t think they are worth the extra money. With that being said, I do want to see this movie, do you think the 3D is better in it, or do you think its the same as it has been?”

24. cover Letter and Resume… by Kupcewicz, Ally, blog

“This was a really good helpful post. We have all been told that the resume portfolio is the first impression that the employer will have with you. I know that at first I plan on not trying to get with a company but I will still need the portfolio for the clients I am trying to have, and it needs to be professional. ”

25. PhotoShop Disasters by Lindsay, Brittneyblog

“This was a really good post. I have looked at Photoshop mistakes in a couple of my public relations classes. I always find it interesting that the people that are putting these pictures out don’t catch them, especially because they have to go through so many editors. It is always fun to find the mistakes though. I find myself trying to find them on my own when I look at magazines. It just makes me want to always make sure that I always double check all of my work.”


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