Sea World Tragedy

Recently a tragedy happened at the Sea World in Orlando, one of the killer whale trainers was killed by Tilikum, one of the killer whales while doing a show for the public. I found this article talking about what they believe the PR company in charge of Sea World should do and how they will be able to recover from what happened. It will be interesting to see how they are keep the safe image for families to keep wanting to come.

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~ by matidmore on 02/27/2010.

One Response to “Sea World Tragedy”

  1. I actually wrote about this as well. It certainly is a terrible tragedy, but what I find almost more interesting is how Sea World is dealing with this disaster. At the time I wrote my post, SeaWorld had halted Shamu shows at the Orlando theme park and at sister parks in San Antonio and San Diego while it reviews the death.

    In an article I found that was related to this tragedy, written by member of the Associated Press, steps are listed of possible actions Sea World can make in order to counteract this disater. Sea World officials stummbled in the first press conference after the incident saying that Brancheau had drowned and was not killed by one of the wales. They later spoke again, correcting themselves and saying how Brancheau had been drugged down into the water by her ponytail after Tilikum grabbed her.

    One interesting point I read in this AP story was that was brought up was that this incident may in fact help attendance, when it comes to the younger demographic.

    If you would like to read the article I linked in my post click here.

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