Just a personal tidbit

So I’m just sitting here trying to work on this blog for my class. I have three PR classes that I’m using this blog for. It’s actually pretty fun to do, and I want to start blogging more on a personal level I just don’t think about it. So why am I sitting at home, inside on a beautiful Saturday. A day that is a great temperature after so long of it being freezing, cause of a stupid addiction that I’ve had since I was born given to me from my dad, though I think my mom helped.

I am SO addicted to sports, mainly basketball. Yeah, I know you were probably thinking I was addicted to something terrible, but no its just a sport. I love being active, and I love being active in something I am really good at. I was always told growing up to work through the pain or “walk it off”, well after my first knee surgery, I did that.. Which lead to the 2nd knee surgery. Since then they told me I couldn’t play anymore, however that never stopped me, or stops me. Yes, I stopped actually playing, but I still go out and shoot on a regular basis. However, 3.5 hours of shooting around could have been a bad idea. I was playing at, this is going to sound silly, Dave n Busters at the big goal, and I was getting the high score of the night, as well as having followers. There were guys challenging me, and I won every time, of course. And after a couple of hours I started having pain in my knee, but it didn’t stop me, I was still getting challenges. Finally I stopped, and the next day woke up in terrible pain with a giant bruise on my thigh, yep I tore something. I’ve seen this before, and knew exactly where the tear was, it was right where they connected the muscle to the ligament. It’s where the top of the surgery took place, yep that exact spot. I couldn’t walk, and it’s still not going well. And I have to wear my brace again, which I HATE! My friends, as well as my man, won’t get off my back about going to the doctor, but I’m not going: 1 because they won’t tell me anything that I don’t already know, and 2 because I refuse to take pain killers, which is what they will want to give me . An xray won’t show anything, and the screws in my knee will prevent an MRI. So here I sit, resting it until I can begin theropy on it, again.  Ice baths aren’t fun, but are necessary because my entire leg is swollen.

So that is why I am here, just me and my cat Coco, watching T.V. and working on this blog


~ by matidmore on 02/20/2010.

2 Responses to “Just a personal tidbit”

  1. I like the idea of adding a personal tidbit for your readers to get a glimpse at the writer. I am even interesting in making a post like this for my personal blog. I played basketball in high school so I know the rush that you described. Sad to hear about your leg, and the ending line about why you are here is VERY FUNNY also. A lot of blog posts can be Just as boring as reading a textbook. Entertaining read.

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