Social Medias: Good or Bad?

Social Medias have grown to mind blowing numbers in recent years. the amount of people using the networks, and the amount of networks there are out there ranging from business oriented, such at Linkedin to keeping in contact with friends via Facebook to finding the love of your life at PlentyofFish. The question comes down to whether all of these networks you are conneted to are helpful or not.

♥ The benefits to being connected to all of these networks is that you are able to get your name out there to many people everywhere not just close to you. It is easier to make a name for yourself in the professional world because your work can be veiwed by a number of different professionals not just in your field.

♥Another benefit is the ability to meet new people that you otherwise probably would never have contact too. You are able to find people with the same believes, opinions, and feelings as you and communicate with them.

♥ you are able to get your opinion or ideas out there and get response back on how to improve, or if others agree. You also can get questions answered or help from people who really know the answer with out finding them face to face.

♥ On Shiftcomm, they believe that businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon at a rapid pace, embracing blogs, social networks, wikis, and other vehicles to achieve their marketing and public relations goals.” They believe it is the newest best way to get information out for companies as well as the fastest. They also believe that it will help spread the name of your company and improve branding.

♥ On a web marketing website, Karcher Group, they listed different reasons why they believe social medias are a “must” for every company in order to succeed such as: how inexpensive it is and how many people it can react, as well as, being able to see what customers are thinking.

♦ Pitfalls to these networks are also important to think about. There is the chance that the information being shared about your company or yourself is wrong coming from an non creditable source. Word of mouth is important to many people. To find information about restaurants or businesses people look for comments left by everyday people rather than the company itself. And it is more common for people to comment when the service is bad rather than the good.

♦ There is also the problem with personal life interfering with professional life. An employee is supposed to represent their company, if the employee looks like a fool, the company may be viewed in the same light.

♦ At weblink international, Curt Moss explains the pitfalls he sees. one of the pitfalls explained was that every ounce of information shared on the networks will always remain and never be deleted. Someone has seen it and read it, and the information is there for anyone to find.

♦Wayne Liew posted on slideshare, 5 pitfalls for beginners using social medias. Some of the ideas he touched on was trying to avoid spamming because it can lower your brand image, as well as it being hard to track and record the impression it is making. he also suggests to figure out what is being said before putting up information.

Here is some ideas I have for you before starting your venture into social medias, or to help you in your already existing journey. Until next time. PEACE


~ by matidmore on 02/16/2010.

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