Social Media in 140 Characters or less

Recently Adam Vincenzini asked on twitter, a popular social network, what people thought social media was, in 140 characters. Many people answered these post by saying things like:

  • @jgarant A borderless space to consume & share information & opinions – to engage directly with inductry minds & develop personally and professionally.
  • @chrish10 Engagement & collaboration across many levels. individuals,companies,charity;anyone with a voice and who can listen.
  • @ValerieSimon Social Media is a participatory form of media that provides opportunities to listen, share & engage using virtual technologies & practices
  • @JoanneJacobs Social Media are tools & services which facilitate communication between individuals for decision making, cultural exchange & conversation*
  • @katiemoffat Social media is like offline, traditional word of mouth but on steriods.

I believe that all of these responses are correct in some way. I agree that it is a tool that people can use to express themselves and make connections with other people both professionally and personally. One of my favorites that was said was the last one mentioned by @katiemoff about it being like word of mouth on steroids. This relates to how I feel about social medias because it is a way to get individual’s ideas out there, being able to reach numerous amounts of people rather that just a few.

The first response I listed caught my attention because of the” borderless” idea it stated. I related to this because I feel that with the help of social medias, people are able to reach an infinite amount of people with their ideas as long as they are plugged in and connected.

Pretty much all of the responses posted on his blog had to do with people having the ability to react a lot of people for many different reasons whether to make connections between companies, or to make new friends in new cities.

The second one I states and agreed with had to do with the idea of reaching people throughout different levels of society, from “individuals, companies, or charity.” I agree that social media networks can be used for any type of communication, not just for professionals, but for ordinary people, or high school graduates keeping in contact with friends.

This type of media has to be interactive or it wouldn’t be very helpful to anyone. That is why the next one related to me. In order for it to work, people need to be engaged in it.

It is true that the social media networks is just a tool to get the word out. If it didn’t exist there would be other ways of getting the word out about what an individual wants the public to know. However this tool is a way to get the information to people in a wider range.

If I was to make a response to the question of what is social media, I would have to say:  a way for people to connect across the world to share information to the masses either personal or professional.

That’s all I have for you today, hope it was helpful. Until next time, PEACE!


~ by matidmore on 02/07/2010.

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