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1. Body Language and NonVerbal Communication During a Job Interview, by Beytagh, Meghanpost. 2/4/2010

2. The importance of comments in the medium of internet blogging.
by Corley, Amanda, post, 2/4/2010.

“I agree that comments are what keeps people blogging. It is always fun to come to your blog and see that someone is reading. just a little suggestion to your blogging is to try to spice it up some. I haven’t been blogging that long either but I’ve found if you use colors or pictures people tent to read and interact more!”

3. Weekly Topic: Body language and nonverbal communication in Job Interviews, by Wright, Kati Annpost

“This was a really good blog, with tons of good facts. The list was really helpful. I never realized what some of the body language signs read as, like the shaking of the leg meaning stress. I do that all the time. I guess I need to relax. I also like how you gave definitions to your tips on why, and the video was a great additions.  It’s crazy to think people would go into interviews chewing gum but you know it has to happen pretty often. i like that your blog was easy to read and kept my attention. Great Job”

4. TOW 4 by Cook, Brittany post

“I like the responses you picked out to explain social media. The ones I picked were similar with the idea that Social Medias are used to connect to people and make relationships. I think all of the tweets that answered had the same idea, just in different words, did you pick up on that? I feel like we have to remember that social medias mix our personal life with our professional life and make sure not to have one mess with the other. I don’t think a lot of the responses mentioned that, maybe they just either just assumed or they didn’t think about it. ”

5.  How to Write a Press Release Hendrix, Kelsey, post

“I bet this is coming in handy for your Writing class. I took mine over the summer last year and it seemed like everyone was confused on how to style it and what all the write in it. It seems like all through college we are programed to write these long papers where we learn to “fluff” in order to hit the page limit. When getting into actual PR work we have to forget about all the fluff and just tell the information. If we make the press releases to long then there is a big chance they won’t be read. This template helps people figure out what to write and how to write it. ”

6. PR Connections” Social Media beneficial in job search  Mauney, Matt, post

“I’m graduating in May as well so I know how you are feeling when in the job search. I feel like most articles on job searching always say the same thing. Though I never thought that facebook or twitter would help in my search until now. I knew that companies are starting to look at our social media networks to see who their potential employees really are but I never thought about using them as something like an alternate resume or something like that. I did however make an different account so that i have a “professional” on and one just for friends on private.”

7. T.O.W. week Three: “Ethical” Social Media Monitoring  Simmons, Damara post

“That was a good idea bringing all the information from your classes in to help, it helps remind me on why we spend so much money on the books. haha. Anyway, I agree that social medias can be very helpful in getting information out there as well as figuring out what the public is thinking about your company and how it can be improved. I had a comment on my blog when I wrote about this which made a lot of sense, saying that it is up to the people in the media to do what is ethical, and the social media networks are just the tools information is shared on. It is all up to the users on what to put out there. ”

8.  Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Job Seekers,  Watruba, Jeremy, post

“The list of advantages you states my Jennifer McClure make a lot of sense. It is known that employers are starting to look at our social media networks to figure out more information on their employees, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It seems like Facebook is the main network that is being questioned on what to have up and how to deal with because it was originally for college students so that they can keep in touch with their high school friends and what not, but now that employers are getting on, it seems that the information and feel of the site has to change to a more professional look. Personally, I think that it should remain a social site, but I guess that’s what the privacy settings are for.”

9. T.O.W.: Week 2 Gxashe, Biso, post

“I feel the same way about blog comments. It always makes the blogger feel like they have been heard when they find that they have a comment, or at least that is how I feel when I get the email saying that I have a comment waiting to be read. It’s good to be able to get how you feel or believe out there and have people tell you they agree, or give you information to make you better or more informed. I had a comment left on my blog once that really helping in giving me information that I hadn’t thought of before and it shaped my opinion to be more solid. ”

10. Week 5- Super Bowl Ads Jordan, Olivia, post

“I can’t believe it cost so much to have a commercial during the Super Bowl either, and it was crazy to me that they had some in the middle of the game during a huddle. It is interesting to think that they pay for the half time ones when a lot of the people I know, as well as myself got up to do stuff during the half time so that they wouldn’t miss the game. I loved the E*Trade one to, it still makes me laugh every time I see it. I did think that some of the commercials didn’t really make sense though, and it was hard to tell what they were for until the end. ”

11.PRCA3711- Cover Letter Tips Carter, Micaela, post

“You had really good tips on how to write a cover letter. What do you think about using templates though, I know you said that you think all should be unique when you send them out, and I agree with that so that it is specific to the position you are sending it to, but do you think you can do them all in the same format? I feel that you would want to do your format kind of similar but put your own spin on it so that it can grab the employers attention and make them interested. I also wanted to know what you thought about sending in your resume and cover letter online, how would you suggest signing it, in class we talked about scanning your signature to place on the cover letter.”

12. The Visibility of a Search Engine by Carter, Jeff, post

“It is so crazy to think that search engines are practically making research books obsolete, however that’s where everybody can find everything now, or so it seems. It seems that with the internet as well as the new technologies that are becoming so popular, face to face communication is getting less important. Blogs and online reviews are, like you said, the new way for people to get there opinion out there, and for people to get information about things they are wondering about. Good job!”

13.Happy Birthday Adobe Photoshop by Howell, Martine, post

“I had no idea that Photoshop has been around so long. It is so cool what can be done with it. I have a friend in photography that uses it every time she does a photo shoot and it always makes the already amazing pictures better. I have done a couple of photo shoots and I love how they turn out when she processes them with Photoshop. And there are totally tons of things that it can do, and help out with. I guess all that is left to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hehe. Good job with this post, it was really cool!”

14. PRCA 3330: TOW #14 by Abramson, Carrie , blog

“It is interesting to see the jump from the “old school” ways of PR to the new ways online. When I took PR writing it was mainly focused on the Press Releases and what we would be turning into medias in a hard copy to get in newspapers. It wasn’t even that long ago either, I’m talking like last year. LOL. But now that I have seen how important the internet is to the PR industry, I know that most of what we will be doing in our job will be involving the online identity of the company. Good post”

15. Chapter 6: How to Write a Media Advisory by Barlow, Nicole, blog

“These are really good tips for people that need to write Media work. It is important to know how to do this for PR as I’m sure you are well aware. I know that writing blogs on chapters in your book isn’t the most fun thing to do, but you did a good job and it can help other people who who are having problems or need to know what’s going on. Good job, and keep it up!”

16. Six ways Gmail revolutionized e-mail by Bundy, Kristina , blog

“This was a really good article. You never really think about the differences in email servers, I had no idea that Gmail was so different and the first to do this. Almost everyone I know now has a gmail account, even the school’d email is through email. Google is just taking over the internet, anyone remember the days of AOL..:).. Thanks for the post!”

17. Publid Relations, The Fabulous Life? Campbell, Erica, Blog

“This was a really interesting post. I didn’t know E! had a show like this. I think it is true that the media spins what PR professionals really do, and either make us look like we never tell the truth, or we have the most glamorous jobs ever. I think it is true that both of these things exist in the industry but its not the main chunk of it. There are bad sides of all industries, but I do think they should show how the average PR person lives. ”

18. Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Treatment by Cook, Matt, blog

“This was a really great topic to post on. I know in college it stresses pretty much everyone out, and practically everyone says the suffer from it. I know that I can get freaked out about the little things, but usually only when I’m worried about something else. It would be interesting to see if there are any simple ways out there of dealing with it. I feel like when I graduate half of my anxiety will just leave. :)”

19. Chapter cinco by Craft, Tasmaii, blog

“News Releases are VERY important to the Public Relations world. It’s the main way that you will be getting your name out about your company and the important things that is going on. You always have to remember to not only make sure that everything you send out is completely perfect but to keep a good relationship with the media outlets you choose to send them to because that will help your chances of them helping you get your word out. ”

20.Commenting on Blogs by Floyd, Evan, blog

“I know that when I get the notice that someone wrote on my blog, I can’t wait to see what it says. I feel it is the way people know they aren’t just writing for themselves, they know that what they write is being read and could possibly help someone. It does give a kind of conversation. I have also learned that comments can help you realize things you never really thought of before and shine a light on a different way of thinking about the topic. ”

21. TOW 13: by Glisson, Anna, blog

“The most important thing I think PR people need to do when dealing with journalist is to try to always keep a good relationship, be respectful, and above all be thankful. Let them know you appreciate them running your information. If you are able to keep a good relationship it will be easier to get your information in the media and not have as many problems. I worked with someone setting up an event and the kept saying how important it was to be appreciative for everything to run smoothly.  ”

22.Movies, AKA Costner is God by Greer, Michael, blog

“This was a pretty funny post. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of his but for some reason I too like “Waterworld”, as terrible as it is. It’s apparently a law that you have to like one Kevin Costner movie. I know in these classes that you are required to write on certain topics, but I think that the best ones written are the ones you write on things you actually enjoy and want to write on. ”

23. TOW 12: by Harrington, Allie, blog

“I have to agree that I don’t really enjoy podcasts either. The few I have listened to have not been very entertaining, I do feel however that if you find one that you are interested in then you will probably change your mind on it. Like everything you have to find what you like to enjoy it or it just seems like work. I have a friend that listens to podcasts all the time about new movies coming out and thinks like that. ”

24. One Week Of Twitter by Hendrix, Kelsey, blog

“That is so cool that you enjoyed Twitter. I know that I had to make an account when I was in Intro, and I personally didn’t enjoy it at all. I still barely check it. But I have heard that It can get to connected to a lot of people. I feel that once I graduate I will probably start to use it more when dealing with my career life. I think it is good to be able to be introduced to it and see what it’s all about before having to use it for anything to important. ”

25. Twitter by Wilkinson, Sharita, blog

“I felt the same way when I had to do Twitter, actually I still feel the same way. I have heard some interesting things about it, but I personally think it’s at the height of it’s run and that we sill start to see a decline of it. I did a project on it in my advertising class and found that over 50% of people have already canceled or stopped using their accounts. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

26.What is a Newsworthy Story? by Gausche, Brigitte, blog

“It is so true that newsworthy events, and situations are always happening. Even when you think that isn’t nothing special, someone around you thinks it is. It is important to realize what the majority of the population will find interest in and what is just important to a few people. I remember having to write an article on something that didn’t seem special at all but it turned out to be a really popular story. This was a good blog, keep sharing!”

27. Drag Show at Georgia Southern Le, An by, blog

“I went to the Drag Show this year, and thought it was amazing. I had always heard about them, and I have friends that have gone before and always talked about how much fun they were so I figured I had to catch one. It was so much fun and interesting, I actually was mad they were so much better with their make up than me. It kind of made me want to go to another one, to see what all is out there.  I think it is always important to experience new things and different cultures. ”

28.”Say it ain’t so Joe” by Spence, Janee , blog

“This was a really interesting post. I personally never used the word “ain’t” because my mother wouldn’t allow it. However practically everyone I know uses it. I think it is interesting that the word seems to change meanings and uses throughout time. Also that different groups of people seem to adapt it into their language. My mom nearly flipped out when she heard it got put into the dictionary. I personally still think it isn’t the best word to use, but it has become way more acceptable.  ”

29. Superbowl Commercials by Rollings, Brittany, blog

“I just started getting into the football swing, but I never really cared before. I still don’t really even care who goes to the Super Bowl, I just like watching people get excited, like what you were saying. I do like to see the different commercials that they put out though. This year I have to admit that I didn’t think they were as good as they have been before, however there were a couple that I really enjoyed. ”

30. TOW: week three by Zahn, Kevin, blog

“I like when I read a blog and there is a question there that the blogger wants answered. It makes the reader feel like they have something to offer back to the writer. I know that when I get comments on my blog it helps me know what the readers are thinking and gives me a way to connect with them. I think blogs with out the ability to comment is just crazy. Good Post!”


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