Writing a Cover Letter?

For most jobs today, especially in the Public Relations world, a portfolio is expected when applying for a job. There are many important parts of the portfolio, however the cover letter is the first that is seen and read. When writing a cover letter there are a couple of things to remember in order to make a good impression and help win over your dream job.

First, there is a simple format to follow that can be found within most word processing programs, the trick at first is to try to change yours up a little just to stand out but still try to stick to the professional look to show that you are serious. Have your address and way to reach you at the top, then have the person you are sending it to and their address next and then begin your letter with dear (person’s name).

  1. In the first paragraph try to make a connection with the company you are writing to, so that you draw the potential employer in. Let them know why you think you would be good for the positions and how you heard abou it. This section should be to long, just a couple of sentences but still grab the attention.
  2. In The next paragracph explain in better detail why you are qualified for the position and what skills you have that put you ahead of the competition. Make sure to use the most relevant information that has to deal with the position. Also, try to just choose 2-3 skills and give examples of each.
    1. The first sentence of this section should be creative and keep the attention. It should get to the point of what skills you have.
    2. The body is where you list your skills and your examples.
    3. The final sentence should summarize everything that you’ve explained in through out the paragraph.
  3. The final paragraph should be short expressing your interest in an interview, tell them to refer to your resume for more information, tell them the best way to contact you and when the best time would be, and make sure above all else to thank them for taking their time to read.
  4. Remember to sign the your cover letter everytime to make sure that every letter is personable.

At the bottom of the letter have the word “Enclosed” followed by all that is in your portfolio so the employer knows everything they have in front of them.

The cover letter is just to get the attention, your resume and any examples that you have in your portfolio should show what you can do and your past experiences. The cover letter should only be a page long, and only explain what you are applying for. It is the part of the package that will tell the employer whether to keep looking or just move on so make sure yours is unique, yet at the same time professional.

That’s what I have for you today, hope it helps. Until next time, Peace.


~ by matidmore on 01/23/2010.

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