How Comments Help Blogs

There are a lot of people blogging out there now a days, some informative, some not so much. However, how do these bloggers know anyone is reading or learning anything from their hard work?

Comments are a very important part of blogging because it can help the blogger learn more about what they are blogging about, as well as get feedback on what others are thinking about what they have to say. In my personal experience, comments have helped me figure out more information on a subject I have written about.

I also believe that it makes blogging more exciting for everyone. The people leaving the comments get to interact with the blogger and share their information, while the blogger gets to know that they are being heard, and makes them want to continue writing and furthering their knowledge on information as well as know their opinion is shared with others.

Even though comments are important, it can’t just be any kind of comment. Leaving something like, “Wow, cool.” doesn’t really give the writer any idea what you liked about it. If you want to help the blogger, or share your opinion it needs to be a little longer. Here are some tips and ideas to leave a good comment:

  • Make them informative: Say what you liked or didn’t like, agreed with or not, and what can be done to improve.
  • If you can add some information or share something with the blogger, then do it. If the blogger is writing about it, clearly they are interested and would love to learn more.
  • Write in the same language as the blog: If the blogger writes in an intelligent, professional manner; don’t use slang or Ebonics. (ie. put your “g”s on the end of your words. )

I hope this helps you all out a little, and can’t wait to see your comments. PEACE


~ by matidmore on 01/20/2010.

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