Randomness… But on my mind

Things that are so little but so annoying..

  1. Eye boogers. You know when your make up or something rolls up in the corner of your eye.
  2. Some tan lines. Like when you lay out all day and your back and stomach but somehow your sides don’t get tan. How does that work?
  3. Leaving the dryer door open. So when you walk up the stairs you practically run face first into it cause someone just couldn’t take the second to close it.
  4. Drinking to must milk. And it leaves that weird taste in your mouth but it only happens when you drink a lot at once.
  5. A swallow left in the bottom of a drink. Mmm… I’m gonna go get some GAterade, O wait some one left 1 sip..why not just drink it all?
  6. That feeling right before you have to pee. Where you have to sit there and actually ask yourself if you have to pee or not.

That’s all I got, yes random but important.



~ by matidmore on 04/27/2009.

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