Nutrisystem you FAILED!!!!

OK so obviously I have used nutrisystem.

To start off from the beginning of my experience, I got phone calls every 2 weeks from them asking me to join in and buy it. After 3 months of this and talking to the parental units I decided to go ahead with it.

Yes, it was ok, it didn’t really taste good, except for the breakfast cereals and bars, and the pizza and pastas weren’t bad either. Lunch sucked! pancakes=bad, and all the just add water, you should just throw out. Anyway, I used it for 3 months, on and off, cause you can only take so much of it on. And it worked ok. Of course it could have been all the working out I was doing.

Anyway, 2 or 3 weeks ago I called to cancel my subscription, I was done with it all, and they said I was done and thanks and always remember them and all that jazz. So I figured I was done. I WAS WRONG!!

This morning I woke up to my bank account over drawn because nutrisystem decided NOT to cancel it like they said they did. So I call them, and they act all innocent, so I tried to be nice, tell them the situation and what not, and they tell me to call back in the afternoon and the money should be back and sorry for everything, and then they had the balls to say “But we will keep your account if you ever wanna use us again.” NO!! I’ll never use you again!!

So then I gotta call the bank and make sure that I don’t get charged, and they are cool with it, and I can dad and he puts some money in, and everything is moving smoothly.

Until I call back, and first the first lady I talked to gives me the wrong number, then the next lady I get a hold of it EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful, giving me attitude and what not. I told her what had happened and she goes on to tell me I’m wrong. I’m wrong, really, no you and your stupid system is wrong. So the shipment is not at UPS yet, but instead of stopping it she tells me to put a note on the door telling them to not leave the package but take it back.

I will never suggest nutrisystem to anyone EVER!!

You fail nutrisystem, you fail!!!!


~ by matidmore on 04/27/2009.

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