Twittering again

In PR class we are required to get a twitter acount, At the beginning of the semester we did a week of twitter where we had to write on our feelings on it. Now at the end of the semester, we are doing it again. I hate to say that I still don’t find it that interesting. I tried to get connected to people, and put out “tweets” to get responses and never got one back. I don’t know if I’m just not doing it right or what, but twitter doesn’t seem that interesting to me.

Some interesting people that you may want to start following on twitter can be, a senior developer lead engineer, currently living in Israel,, to find out more about the Savannah College of Art and Design, cause they will give you discounts and cause they give you savings. All these companies are using twitter as a PR source to get people interested, and it WORKED!

Again, I still see it as just a facebook status update, except I get more responses on facebook than on twitter. I won’t take away the idea that others have that it helps people stay connected, but I haven’t really got to experience it. My professor LOVES it, and it works for her, maybe I’m just not doing it right, who knows.

I do find it cool that so many famous people have one though, and that you are able to “follow” them, however it just seems like a sutle form of stalking because it’s not that they follow you back. I must say however, that I to fell into this stalking behavior because the best band in the world, Blink 182, has a twitter, so I had to get a hold of that.

Maybe one day twitter will work for me, I don’t plan on getting rid of it and I still plan one checking it every now and again. So look me up if you’d like, my twitter account can be found at matidmore.


~ by matidmore on 04/22/2009.

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