Just wow…

Welp.  So dealing with crazy people must be done in this world, but who knew there were so many out there? I try to be nice to everyone, but I just don’t think that’s a good idea anymore.

You must be thinking, what is bringing on this rant?

Well, i moved in with a girl I thought I knew and was really close to. Come to find out she is the epitome of insane. She has completely 180ed. I’ve come to the conclusion she is one of those peoples that changes to fit in with who ever she is around and then when they start to realize it she stops talking to them and becomes, well no need to use that language.

Anyway, I’m totally fine with her not wanting to hang out anymore or whatever, but I’m not okay with my stuff getting messed with or the possibility of drugs in my house.

Anyway, that’s my rant. I feel better now…



~ by matidmore on 04/21/2009.

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