Wowzers, someone’s been drinkig their Haterade: Ch. 10

Yes another chapter, and this one is about conflict management, dealing with issues, risks, and crisis.

The book explains that there is a way PR deals with conflicts called the “strategic conflict management.” In this there are 4 components, stategic ( for the purpose of achieving particular objectives) management (planned, deliberate action) competition (striving for the same object, position, prize as others) and conflict ( sharp disagreements or opposition resulting in a direct, orvert threat of attack from another entity).

There are many different ways to handle a crisis, there has to be communication between the company and the public. A couple suggestions being:

  • put the public first
  • take responsibility
  • be honest
  • have a single spokesperson
  • be accessible
  • monitor news coverage

Some strategies that may get used in a crisis are

  • Attacking the accuser
  • Denial
  • Excuses
  • Full apology

Those are some points just in case you find yourself in a crisis.

Till next time… PEACE

Info found in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics: 9th edition by Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron


~ by matidmore on 04/20/2009.

2 Responses to “Wowzers, someone’s been drinkig their Haterade: Ch. 10”

  1. The title is awesome! Everyone hates haters.

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