What is this strange new world??

So I’m in this PR class, with my teacher who is actually my advisor. It’s interesting, she is always excited which is fun. She got us to start this totally interesting blog I have here, and started making us twitter. Yes, I have still yet to see the fun in both, but hey, it’s only the beginning. I’m more of a facebook girl anyway, I can blog, and tweet, on it and do tons of other things to. That was my plug for facebook.

Twitter seems like just status updates. I haven’t had anything fun come out of it yet, no matter how hard I try. However, I did find the BEST BAND EVER on it, Blink 182, yep.Loved them from the beginning. So maybe something fun will come of that.

Other than that, class has been class. This is one of the better ones though cause all the quizzes are online and that’s good for me, even though staring at the computer to much hurts my eyes. Oh, well.. That’s how I feel.


~ by matidmore on 04/15/2009.

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