Where to be in PR: ch. 4

In this chapter, its all about the departments in Public Relations. All companies have some type of PR department but they go by many different names. They qare considered corporate communications, I think the reason that they don’t go by public relations is becasue that term is looked down upon a lot of the time. There is however expertise that all the departments have, some are developing stategies for salving problems, managing people, negociating witht he active public and getting the public  to do and believe what you want.

PR departments and firms provide many services to the public.. which is why they are public relations, like communication through out the marketing or financial relations. There is also a lot of benefits with going with a PR firm instead of inside the company like getting versitility and extensive sources.. The bad part is, you don’t get a full time committment and you have to give them tons of directions.

WEll thats all I gotta say about that.. Until next time.. PEACE

Info found in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics: 9th edition by Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron


~ by matidmore on 03/27/2009.

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