WHAT AM I DOING??? ch. 5

RACE<< That’s VERY important in PR..ALWAYS remember it.

The “R” is the letter of the day. It stands for Research, The first part of the cycle, and beginning process in Public Relations. You have to research what you are doing to do the best you can. Research is very important because it gives you credibility and helps you form strategies.

There are many forms of research as well.. Primary research is being there, or being part of what is happening..Seeing it first hand where secondary research is hearing it from somewhere else, or reading it in a book.. or even reading this blog.. I am your secondary source for PR knowledge..There is also qualitative research which is good for seeing how the message gets to and sticks with the audience. There are five parts to this, content analysis which is a systematic or objective counting or information; interviews which can get an individuals experience; focus groups which will help identify attitudes of the audience; copy testing which is making sure the audience can understand what is being shown to then; and ethnographic techniques which is set to find a certain groups opinion.

The last type of research is Qualitative which consists of polls or surveys to get the publics opinions. In this there are random samplings where you test people randomly and there is sample size where you decide how many people will represent the whole group accurately.

It is imprtant how to get the word out to get feedback that you want. If the audience can’t understand what you are saying it will be hard for them to reply correctly. Don’t have wordiness or biased words. And make sure to define your target audience before getting out there to find the information.

Welp, that’s all folks.. Until next time.. PEACE

Info found in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics: 9th edition by Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron


~ by matidmore on 03/27/2009.

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