The Magic of PR: ch.1

Lets start form the beginning.. What really is PR.. or public realstions…According to our wonderful book, PR is defined as “a management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies te policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and patience.”  Public Relations: Strategies and tactics 9th Edition by Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron

Well, that’s a fun definition, but who wants to read it. Of, course its a text book so it has to sound like that. To me this means that PR is what the poeple or audience sees and they are in charge of making everyone involved in there company look good. You don’t want a bad PR person, or everyone looks bad.

Along with defining what PR was, this chapter talked about how PR is a process.. The steps it takes to look good if you will.. and of course RACE (Reearch, action, communication, and evaluation) what everystep is and the never ending cycle of PR.

It also goes on to clearify the different between related jobs such as marketing. Marketing is different because it attracts the public and PR maintains the public.

That’s what I have for you, Until next time.. PEACE!


~ by matidmore on 03/26/2009.

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