Little Ideas for going to an interview

1. Make sure your interested… Look at the job before you go on an interview. If your not going to enjoy what your doing for the company your doing it for, don’t bother.. You don’t want to be upset everyday.

2. Find out what kind of interview your going to have. You don’t want to show up dressed completely innopropriate. You don’t need a suit for McDonalds.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the interview. It shows that your paying attention and are interested in the job. However, don’t as a question they have already answered, especially if they explained it to you. You don’t want them to know you were watching that fly on the wall and not them.

4. Speaking of distractions. LEAVE YOUR PHONE OUT OF IT.. Just don’t take your phone into the interview, and if you must then just turn it off completely. You know that power button almost no one uses anymore..well use it.. Having it vibrate is just as bad as ringing, everyone can hear it, and from then on you are just going to want to see who it is.

5. Say thank you after the interview. Let them know that you respect them and are thankful they took the time to meet with you.

6. Stand up and shake their hands.. Be respectful, whether a man or woman, shake their hands. And no wussy shake either, show that you are strong (not to strong) and confident. Justr a nice firm hand shake, don’t try to break their hand either. it won’t be a fun one to explain.

7. Make sure to follow up with them. Find out if you need to call them or is they will call you, and when you should expect the call. You don’t want to be waiting around forever to find out what’s going on, and calling them will show them that you are determined and you really want the job.

8. Make sure you show up with everything you need. Have your Resume up to date and correct. There are many places to go that will help you with your resume and making it the best it can be. And if you need a portfolio or something like that make sure it is neat and presentable.. Not just stuff jammed in to a folder.

9. Make sure you don’t have bad breathe or to strong of cologne or perfume. You don’t want to have smells overwhelming the interviewer, especially if its a bad one. And there could be a chance they are allergic to it

10. Don’t stop looking.. There is a job out there for you somewhere.. DON’T GIVE UP!! IT’LL HAPPEN!

Welp hope this helps..until next time.. PEACE


~ by matidmore on 03/02/2009.

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