The Evolution bum bum bum…of PR

In class we did a group exercise on different parts of the evolution of PR. My part had to do with its beginnings. I learned a lot from it. Like how it has been around since human communication. Which makes sense but you don’t think about it until it’s actually said to you. Also that PR was used through out history to mainly, in my opinion, promote wars. Like it was used to get people to support the decision to go to war and keep people behind the idea. Also PR was used to get settelers to come to the New World.. With out PR WHERE WOULD WE BE?? ok a little humor, but it’s needed sometimes. Gotta keep your attention some how.. Capital letters always works. Anyway, It did surprise me at the number of women versus men in this feild. I mean, women’s numbers are growing but they still aren’t on top. Isn’t that wierd, you would think it would be almost dominated by women. Well in my opinion anyway. It just makes sense that women would be better at it.. You know, being skilled talkers and everything..WOMEN POWER.. and what not.  I would like to know more about the different jobs you can get with a PR degree. I mean it seems like there is so much that you can do, and figuring out which one is the best or will really use the PR major seems so confusing. All I know is that it’s a good thing I know how to use the internet!!

My thoughts not yours. Until next time.. PEACE


~ by matidmore on 02/04/2009.

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