My thoughts on twitter

AS of this moment in time I’ve been using twitter for about two weeks. Personally I have yet to fine the enjoyment in it. I know that it is supposed to help you meet people and make connections but I haven’t been able to experience it yet. To me, as of right now, it seems like a dumbed down version of facebook.. You know where you change your status and others can see what you are doing. I don’t know that;s just how I feel. I feel that maybe it takes a while to really get into it, like you got to be more involved to have it make more of an impact, who knows. Really all I’ve done is “followed” my classmates, teacher, and the people the teacher told us to follow, but really all I do is message my friend back and forth silly messages for fun. I guess I’m probably not using it to its full effect but hey.. I just heard about it in the beginning of class give me a break. I will however continue to try it, continue to further my horizon if you will. Try to see what its all about, make some connections, maybe even pay more attention to the things that are being said by the people I’m following instead of just one or two of them.

Those are my thoughts as of right now, take them as you will. They may change in time but we won’t know til then.. Until next time.. PEACE!


~ by matidmore on 02/02/2009.

2 Responses to “My thoughts on twitter”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Twitter. I hope you continue to give it a try.

  2. You could use twitter as a way to collate news – subscribe to news-related tweeters or interesting celebs.
    For instance, I’m interested in political stories and scandal from Northern Ireland – a lot of the latter right now. So tweeters MickFealty and EamonnMallie are useful – as is mediaguardian for media-related stories.
    You might like ShitMyDadSays because it’s just funny.
    Or there’s TheOnion – short satirical pieces.
    It’s quite likely that websites in which you’re interested also have a twitter feed.
    I agree that members of closed groups endlessly following each other can be tedious and pointless.

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