Tow Week Twelve

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Among the new design features being featured on websites are Widgets and Badges. A Widget is a tool or symbol which when clicked activates an application. A Badge is a website symbol that’s not clickable, but is featured for logos and decoration. The difference between them is one of purpose and of appearance. The purpose of a widget is to attract attention and allow website users easy access to an application. By designing a widget that looks interesting and purposeful, users are likely to become aware of and make use of the application. The purpose of a badge, however, is to provide a point of interest on a webpage, and ensure that attention is drawn by this to that site. As such, the most important attributes of a badge are whether it is attractive and compellingly interactive.  A good widget will increase use of a particular application from many websites, while a good badge will gather attention to a particular website or corresponding organization.

One of the organizations I wish to participate in is known as Club Mud, and is the ceramic arts organization here at Georgia Southern. For Club Mud, the natural design feature to use is a badge, as there are no available application presently offered by the group. For Club Mud, a badge would allow artistic embellishment to a website, and if its interactivity were made to in some way resemble the forming of different pottery shapes it could attract attention to the club’s website. If the club invested in the creation of a web application, perhaps some small interactive program allowing artificial ceramic forming, a widget could afford it some popularity. However, barring the creation of this application, the natural and wise choice of Club Mud would be to use a Badge to attract attention to a Club Mud website.


Tow Week Thirteen

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Videos go viral when some aspect of them appeals strongly to a mass audience. This can be due to the video’s being humorous, compelling, or informative. “David after Dentist” became a viral video because of its naturally funny content.  For each of the videos which have acheived “viral” status, some attribute or set of attributes exist which appeal to a group of people. The extent of that appeal, the extent to which a video has gone “viral”, depends on the intensity and breadth of that appeal. Some viral videos are immensely popular within a smaller community, while other videos are but temporary distractions for much larger groups. The truly viral videos, however,  are very popular with many groups of people. These videos, like “David after Dentist”, have content which allows a vast audience to watch, and to be entertained.

Viral videos are the result of mass access to internet media. This access allows content with only moderate importance to be circulated rapidly, by what amounts to electronic word of mouth. For viral videos, the appeal is often so great that other forms of communication, including literal word of mouth, is used by people to encourage friends to watch. Among other such videos, two prominent ones are:


These videos, Charlie the Unicorn and Information Overload, became well known because of both their own properties and the properties of modern internet access. Firstly, both videos had content which endeared them to a large audience. Charlie the Unicorn was watched for purposes of humor, and while less widely known than some other virals it was hugely influential within its demographic. Information Overload, with its array of facts, appealed to perhaps a much smaller audience but was widely viewed and well known by those with some interest in it.

PR Open Mic

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This week we are discussing Pr Openmic, which is a Social Media Network for Public Relations practitioners. This webside is really beneficial to people in the industry as well as people trying to get into it or fresh out of college. It is a way for them to meet other practitioners and expand their social business circle. In public relations, the more people you are connected to the better.  We are always told in our Public Relations classes to meet other people already in the field to get a feel for what we will be doing when we graduate. We even have assignments in classes that make us create these connections, so that we can continue to learn and gain experience and knowledge. PR OpenMic is a way for us to make these connections, and gather help from people who have the experience.

When you first enter your homepage of the site, it has recent news articles and information about what is going on in the field. There are ways to connect to other people and make “friends,” or even see videos or podcasts that people have posted. While looking around the site I found a connection to a website dedicated to blogs pertaining to Public Relations. I thought this was a really good idea because it just gives you a way to further connect with people in the indusrty.  I also found this area which is centered around trying to help students in the major that may have questiong, the section is called Ask Phil. He will answer questions, post pictures, as well as make videos to help out.  Since I am sticking to the aspect of appealing to students and almost graduates, there is a section dedicated to finding jobs and internships. This is really important and helpful to the graduates because of how hard it is to find a job now.

Hope this gives a little insight. Until next time. PEACE

Tow Week Seven

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The foursquare thing that we keep seeing on our Twitterstreams is an application people use to identify places. The Foursquare app is downloadable onto phones with internet connections, but can also be accessed using text messages on cell phones within the United States. Foursquare lets people see where their Facebook or Twitter friends are and what where they are visiting in their area. The Foursquare app gives you the ability to earn badges or special offers at different stores and places around your area. The app is able to know where you are by a GPS locator, it also gives you information about places you may never have been before. Or maybe you go to the same place more than anyone else, you can become the “mayor” of that place and get incentives for having great customer loyalty.

Companies can benefit because they are able to see who is going to their stores and what people are thinking about it. They are also able to see who and why people have loyalty to them. The problem that can arise from using these types of websites is that people can always see what you are doing and where you visit. Also is you write something bad about it, it can come back to harm you if your employer doesn’t agree with what you say and how you do it.

I feel that it is a pretty interesting concept to be able to find out information about different places in their area, especially if  you are new to the area, you are about to learn about what all your area has to offer and be able to get more in touch with your city. Being in the PR field, it is important to know different companies in the area because you never know who you are going to need to bein contact with and what companies can help you.

Tow Week Five

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When I read Search Engine Visibility: An Edelman Digital Position Paper, I learned a lot about the use that companies make of search engines in their marketing strategies. The article discussed how the two new and emerging search engine strategies; termed reputational searches and social searches. Both strategies use public relations skills and strategies, unlike the two more common strategies that used to dominate. The reputational search strategy works by ensuring that the words used in traditional pr methods pay attention to how their message would register in keywords online. Social search strategies attempt to create “embassies” or a web presence for a company on social networking sites. Both strategies try to make sure that a website shows up more prominently for keyword based searches. 

 I was surprised to learn that normal public relations strategies can be used so effectively to make a more prominent search engine presence.  The other two important search engine visibility strategies were more marketing minded. I was surprised that the internet provided a social environment rich enough to support public relations strategies. Perhaps other strategies will become useful as internet access and use continues to increase? 

I would like to know more about how search engines work, and more about how that can be used to get attention. I dont really understand exactly how searches prioritize potential search hits, and I think that could be really useful to understand so that we could consider other possible strategies. I think the social search strategy is a really good idea, and I would like to learn about how to decide what to put on a social network page to cause more attention and resposes.   



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We recently were assigned to do a podcast for class over a public relations topic. I never really thought about how beneficial podcasts could be until I made one and looked onto other people’s to see what all they did. I have a friend tat listens to Podcasts all the time and always tells me about how awesome they are, but I never got into them.

I think it’s a good idea for companies to have podcasts becasue it is a good way to get information out about their company. Their customers are able to learn about their companies in a different, more appealing way. Instead of having to sit down and read about the company or search for information, they are able to listen to what is going on, this is a more entertaining way. It also seems like a more personal way to get the information out. To be able to listen to a person talk rather than read, gives the audience more of an insight of what the company really meant and how they wanted the information to be taken.

Shownotes are always important when making a podcast because sometimes the listener only wants to learn about certain parts of the company, or information the podcast has. The shownotes have a list of what the podcast is about and around what time in the podcast the section begins. This way it is easier to find what you are looking for in the podcast and what is the most important to you. Maybe, you have already listened to it but want a reminder or to show someone else, this is a way to make it easy for your audience.

There are many different programs you can use to make a podcast. One of the easiest to use is Audacity, it is a free program that can be downloaded where you can record and edit what you want for your podcast.

Talented Firms

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I found this article on an Atlanta Public Relations firm that isbeing considered for two different PR awards. The company is focused mainly in marketing with technology. They are a business to business public relations company, as we all know it is important to maintain good relationships with other companies in order to be successful in this industry, and this compant proves it.

Check it out